Our UX/UI front end design and engineering service is two pronged:

  • Help customers create powerful and engaging user experiences through Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust Design (PET) approach.
  • Build rock solid user interfaces employing modern front-end frameworks and standards to bring such designs to life.

While usability is a fundamental requirement for effective Web site design, it is no longer enough to design sites that are simply easy to navigate and understand so users can complete transactions. Creating compelling customer engagement and commitment in a way that clearly impacts business results is what really differentiates businesses dealing in web-facing end consumers, from their competition.

Tricon's UX/UI services include conceptualization, design, development, theme integration, site optimization, semantic coding, cross-platform compatibility, and devices compatibility. Our team has extensive experience in developing responsive web and mobile applications using HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, NodeJS, Bootstrap and JQuery

We work closely with customers following an Agile design & development approach — developing wireframes and mockups, and incorporating feedback at each step. With our full-service solutions team, we are suitably equipped to service all of the Web and mobile UX needs of our customers.

We also partner with various digital marketing agencies that prefer to keep the design peices at their end while outsource the implementation to our front end engineering team.

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