Native iOS Apps

Our Mobility team comprised of UX designers, Solutions Architects and XCode developers is capable of providing full lifecycle mobility solution on the iOS platform. We have delivered solutions and apps on the iOS platform to enterprise customers and individual entrepreneurs alike and have helped apps go right from concept stage to all the way to the iTunes app strore.

Publishing to the App Store can be a harrowing experience at times with customers often finding themselves caught up in endless iterations going through the approval/rejection cycle at the App Store. A reliable partner such as Tricon, who along with the implementation capability brings the necessary know how of the pitfalls that apps encounter during the publishing process, can go a long way in achieving successful publishing in quick turn around time while keeping the publishing costs low.

Technologies covered:

  • Tools: iOS SDK, Cocoa Touch, XCode
  • Languages: Objective-C, SWIFT

Native Android Apps

Our Android Mobility team is equally adept at delivering high-quality Android smartphone and tablet applications.

Leveraging our solutions engineering expertise, we are able to bring real world enterprise level solutions to the Android platform for our customers.

Technologies covered:

  • Tools: Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit (NDK), Android Development Tools (ADT), Android Studio
  • Languages: Java, XML

Hybrid Apps

Often times, it can be a smart strategy for our customers to retain as much of the existing web infrastructure as possible and build hybrid apps around it. This not only helps keep costs low but it also presents our customers an opportunity to study their target audience's behavior in mobile environment before they commence with development of native apps.

Our UX/UI team is skilled in delivering high-quality HTML5 driven apps using Ionic, Mobile Angular UI and Cordova.

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