Small Biz & Entrepreneurs

The American entrepreneurial spirit is what makes America great, and we at Tricon know that only too well - what with our founders having taken the road less traveled few times themselves. Taking an idea from concept stage to implementation and eventually to customers is the ultimate dream all entrepreneurs live by, although actualizing that dream is not entirely a pain less process. The path from Concept-To-Customer is usually marred with challenges across several fronts – be it the financial constraints that most entrepreneurs have to live with along the course of the project or be it the need to reach market as quickly as possible to avail early mover advantage, be it the constant struggle to balance product requirements to match the envisioned market needs or be it simply the need for technology to scale and adapt as customer demand grows, you name it and you have your hands full sooner than you would know it.

This is where we, your trusted partners at Tricon come in to ease your pains and to share your burden while helping you reach your goals. Having incubated several concepts from start to finish to eventually taking them to their final customers, we bring deep product incubation and implementation knowledge along with the necessary engagement skills that are tailored specifically to meet the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Whether your need is to develop a simple custom web application or instead implement your killer idea on a mobile platform, we are the partners that you can trust to deliver cost-effective solution to your needs.

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