Well Architected Framework

While the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) lays down the guidance and best practices in migrating workloads to the Azure cloud, Microsoft's Well Architected Framework (WAF) focuses on helping organizations design and improve their cloud architectures and build more secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient applications and services that can leverage the full power of the Microsoft Azure platform.

Both CAF and WAF may be used together to achieve a comprehensive cloud strategy.

Our Azure Well-Architected Framework Services provide the following benefits:
  • Assessment – We examine your workload through the lenses of reliability, cost management, operational excellence, security and performance efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Design – We design your cloud system with a framework backed by Microsoft's Azure architecture that is secure and optimized for scale.
  • Cost Optimization – Our services will help you identify cost-efficient alternatives, ensuring that your cloud system operates within your budget and does not exceed it.
  • Security Controls – We will provide guidance on security controls to help protect customer data, as well as assure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Operational Support – We provide ongoing maintenance and support of your architecture, allowing the AI/ML system to stay up to date and continue to offer the best performance.
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