The ability to quickly find experienced resources who can work under pressure and deliver every time takes years of experience to develop. Tricon's professional staffing team has been doing that for decades — providing a wide range of IT professionals to all types of clients in various industries.

At Tricon, we understand the challenges that usually come along with hiring quality IT resources who are not just good technically but are also a good fit on the team. That is why we follow a stringent process to qualify candidates, both on the technical front as well as on their ability to gel well within our customer's team. We respect the importance of our customer's time, hence only the most suitable of candidates are submitted for consideration.

Whether it is planning a long-term IT hiring strategy, building out a team for your next project, finding industry-specific IT talent for your organization, filling that mission critical direct hire to lead your team, or hiring your next CIO, we can deliver the much desired purple squirrels to you to ensure your organization's long-term growth and sustainability.


What we bring to the table:

  • One stop shop for all staffing needs
  • Contract, Contract to Hire, Permanent and Executive level hiring
  • Recruiting expertise across technology and industry domain
  • Centralized pool of dedicated recruiters
  • Access to top Job Portals including Dice, Monster and CareerBuilder
  • Proprietary database of over 50,000 pre-qualified profiles, managed through Bullhorn ATS
  • Proactive pipelining of resources
  • Social Recruiting
  • Stringent screening process
  • Dedicated interview panel
  • Thorough reference checks prior to submission
  • Extensive background checks
  • Warrantee support on hires
  • 80% requests responded within 48-72 hours with shortlisted profiles

Contract Services

The American IT industry is going through technology disruption. As businesses move towards new technology and the cloud, hiring skilled talent that is current on latest and on emerging technologies can be a herculean ask, which only gets compounded further, what with flooding of the talent pool with so called "fake resumes". While contract staffing can be a smart strategy to execute projects, the associated difficulty in filling up the positions can cause unforeseen delays and cost overruns. And this is where Tricon's professional staffing services can prove to be the big differentiator.

Our staffing services are fully equipped to source for the most challenging of your contract requirements. Our recruiters are experienced professionals who are highly skilled at qualifying candidates on both technical and soft-skills front. One of the key value-add that we bring to the table is our ability to present pre-qualified and pre-verified candidates from our internal database - over 50,000+ qualified profiles managed through Bullhorn ATS - which gets populated all year round, lean cycles included, through a process internally called proactive hiring allowing us to submit within 48 - 72 hours of the hiring request. Our stringent technical and background verification ensures that only the top and most reliable of candidates eventually get presented to our clients.

As an added benefit, our contractors come with a 2-week warantee with no commercial obligations whatsoever from our clients.

Contract To Hire Services

In addition to contract services, we also offer our customers contract-to-hire services. This can be particularly useful when there is an immediate need to hire a full time employee, but the customer does not have the time and resources available to do so. This option provides the flexibility our customers need in the short term while allowing them the freedom to evaluate the person's suitability over a number of months while they carry on with their regular business. Should the contractor be selected for a full time role later, we offer standard discounts on the full time placement fee based on the number of months already worked by the contractor.

Our typical contract-to-hire service comes in increments of 3 months with 3, 6, 9 and 12 month contract to hire options as the most popular with our clients. As with our other hiring services, our team carries out the same stringent due dilligence in bringing forward the most suitable talent for our customer's needs.

Direct Hire Services

Hiring for fulltime direct positions can often times be a lengthy and expensive proposition. This is especially true when the inhouse Human Resources department is overworked and they simply do not have the immediate bandwidth for highly specialized technology searching. As a result positions can go unfilled for long durations and budgets may expire, proving detrimental to the customer's long term strategic goals.

Tricon's Direct Hire service excels at stepping in and bridging the gap as we work closely with our customer to determine their specific fulltime hiring needs and culture-fit. Not only do we determine the technology needs but we go the extra yard to understand our customer's culture so that only the candidates who fit our client's culture are eventually presented to them for consideration. Our recruiters are constantly speaking to and networking with all levels of professionals, both active and passive, and in the process we routinely identify professionals who are looking for permanent employment.

In addition to the fulltime employee identification, we also offer a variety of background check services and we can tailor a suitable background check package to suit our customer needs. Clients can choose as many or as few of the following options as they need: criminal background checks, drug testing, employment verification and education verification.

Executive Search Services

Tricon's senior management brings several years of solutions consulting experience and along with it a vast network of senior professionals in the IT world. As part of our executive search service, we will partner with our clients to create a search strategy targeting the best potential candidates for their executive needs.

We maintain strong relationships with Alumni of some of the nation's top universities that allows us to quickly search for and identify senior technology professionals who have rock solid educational and professional credentials. Our university outreach includes but is not limited to Rutgers University, Priceton University, Stevens Institute of Technology, NJIT and NYU.

Our exhaustive executive search process considers a variety of factors before narrowing down to the right candidate for the best of leadership roles. Some of these are:

  • Educational track record
  • Career Path and track record
  • Executive level experience
  • Success/Failure measure on executive level positions
  • Culture fit for our client
  • Leadership Capabilities
  • Budget and Strategic fit

To learn more about our executive search services and get in touch with our senior sourcing manager, please email us at services@triconit.com

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