Get the most value from the cloud with the application and data modernization that best aligns with your business objectives.

Why modernize?

  • Improved Efficiency : Modernizing legacy IT systems can help to improve the overall efficiency of an organization by streamlining processes, reducing complexity, and eliminating manual or redundant tasks.
  • Enhanced Security : As technology advances, organizations must stay ahead of the curve to ensure their IT systems are secure. Modernizing legacy IT systems is an effective way to protect data and reduce the risk of security threats.
  • Increased Agility : Modernizing legacy IT systems can help organizations become more agile and better able to adapt to changing market conditions. This can help an organization stay competitive in their industry
  • Reduced Costs : Modernizing legacy IT systems can lead to significant cost savings by reducing the need for manual processes, as well as reducing the time and resources required to maintain outdated systems.
  • Improved User Experience : Modernizing legacy IT systems can help to improve the user experience by providing more intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. This can help to increase user engagement and satisfaction.
Why Modernize

Your Path to Transformation

Whether you are looking to migrate existing workloads, build and deploy modern applications, or re-engineer existing applications, our team of experienced professionals can help you migrate and modernize your data, replacing antiquated systems with modern cloud-based solutions

Our App & Data Modernization Playbook


Define Goals and Strategies


Build new skills, migrate iteratively


Secure, Govern, Manage, and Optimize

Strategies to Consider

  • Rehost : Also known as ‘lift and shift’, this approach involves migrating existing applications to cloud without making any changes. Effective option for quickly migrating to cloud.
  • Refactor : This approach involves breaking down existing components, re-evaluating and eventually refactoring the applications in different formats. Effective option for making the application performant and reliable.
  • Rebuild : Best suited for applications that require complex redesign and rearchitecture. This allows for optimizing the applications for cloud and can significantly reduce expenses on cloud
  • Replace : This approach involves replacing an existing on-premise application with a cloud compatible application or service. This approach is best suited for applications that are no longer supported or whose licensing costs are high
  • Retire & Retain : This approach involves retiring an older application and replacing it with one developed and hosted on cloud. This approach is best suited for applications that are no longer relevant or essential.

How TriconIT Can Help?

Our services can integrate with your existing systems and ensure continuity of your data and operations. Additionally, we will ensure that your cloud solutions are optimized for performance and efficiency.

Our cloud application modernization services include:

  • Azure Cloud migration assessment and planning
  • Application rationalization and optimization
  • Azure provisioning and configuration
  • Application refactoring and re-architecture
  • Deployment and testing
  • Migration and maintenance support

Commonly modernized apps and data include:

  • .NET apps
  • Linux web apps
  • Java apps
  • SAP apps
  • SQL databases

Contact us today to learn more about our Azure cloud application modernization services and how we can help you get the most out of your cloud investments.

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