Industry Vertical:

Online News


Online News Platform

Target Audience:

News Consumers, Social Users and General Online Audience


Java, JEE, Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, RSS, MySQL, JQuery

Expertise Delivered:

Full Life-Cycle Product Incubation and Application Development & Deployment

Engagement Mode:

Fully Outsourced with SPOC - Onsite/Offshore

Team Size:


Client Overview:

New Jersey based serial entrepreneur with a successful track record of creating and selling businesses at profit.

Business Need:

Incubate a conceptual product idea around socially driven news consumption into a full blown product and then architect and implement the solution from scratch and take it to market.

Key Features:

  • Product Architecture & Technology Selection
    • Solution architected on the JEE platform with MySQL database and Lucene search engine as the key technologies. Architecture supported for real time news syndication along with ability to scale to handle millions of users simultaneously.

  • Data acquisition & Integration
    • Aggregate publicly available data from 5000+ XML and RSS driven news feeds in to MySQL databases. Build a separate administration module to easily configure and manage the news feed syndication.

  • Real-time Search Indexing & Retrieval
    • Implement news search on top of Lucene. Lucene index is updated in real time with data coming in from 5000+ RSS feeds. The index columns are weighted according to algorithms developed as part of the product specification.

  • Algorithm driven business logic
    • Product required news items to be organically bumped up in user's feeds based on social activity in the user's communities. Set of 5 complex ranking algorithms were developed during specification and implemented on top of Lucene API.

  • Third Party Integration
    • News consumption and user community growth through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integration.

  • Managed Cloud Hosting
    • Product was deployed in Rackspace cloud in a clustered environment.

Benefits to Customer:

  • An idea given shape of a product, resulted into full blown product specification (BRD & Wireframes) under 4 weeks
  • Received undivided attention at our offices in NJ during the analysis and product specification phase
  • Uniquely complex business requirements delivered as a fully functional product under record time of 4 months
  • Full life-cycle deployment support to Rackspace Cloud
  • Post production technical support

Perfect example of our Concept-2-Customer philosophy.

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