Industry Vertical:

Social Consumers


iPhone custom keyboard driven app for using personalized emojis.

Target Audience:

iPhone users, in particular millenials who are active on various social tools and platforms


XCode 8.2.1, iOS SDK 10.2, Swift, JEE/Spring driven REST services, MySQL DB

Expertise Delivered:

Full Life-Cycle Product Incubation and Application Development & Deployment

Engagement Mode:

Fully Outsourced with SPOC - Offsite/Offshore

Team Size:


Client Overview:

New Jersey based technology entrepreneur.

Business Need:

Develop an iPhone app to deliver personalized emojis with user's own picture through a keyboard extension.

Key Features:

  • On the fly personalized emoji creation
    • Most apps in the emoji space use pre-defined images and icons to be used as emojis. This app allows users to take selfies and convert those into emojis on the fly.

  • Third party keyboard extension
    • Use of a third party keyboard extension allows the emojis created to be used on any chat or messaging app including iMessage, Hangouts, Whatsapp, FB Messenger etc.

  • Companion app for emoji creation and customization
    • Companion app allows users to click their picture in real time or use existing pictures out of which they create their custom emoji. These emojis are then mapped to keys on the keyboard extension provided along with the companion app.

Benefits to Customer:

  • Intial Concept finds its way to the iTunes App Store.
  • App development at highly competitive costs, low and in-budget TCO.
  • Limitations of keyboard extensions not allowing use of custom images as emojis was worked around through a compelling alternative that was defined and developed by our solution architects.
  • An idea that was lingering on for long due to the above limitations, was realized once our team architected a clever and workable solution.
  • Customer was hand held through the app publishing process.
  • Post production technical support.

Perfect example of our Concept-2-Customer philosophy.

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