Industry Vertical:

Golfing/Property Management Companies.


Enhancement and Modernization of a Windows Tablet application used for managing irrigation programs.

Target Audience:

Irrigation Managers for Golfing companies and Property Management companies of large landscaped grounds.


Windows Tablet, .NET 4, Winforms, C#, .NET Obfuscator, JRO, BitBucket

Expertise Delivered:

.NET/Winforms Application Development, Maintenance & Enhancements

Engagement Mode:

Outsourced with SPOC - Offsite/Offshore

Team Size:


Client Overview:

UK based irrigation technology provider

Business Need:

Enhance and modernize the windows based tablet app which is distributed for irrigation program management to Golf industry customers.

Key Features:

  • Irrigation Program Configuration & Management
    • Application allows users ability to create and manage time interval based irrigation programs for large golf courses and other such installations.

  • Irrigation Reporting
    • Status reports of irrigation schedules is emailed to stakeholders.

  • Algorithm driven energy efficient irrigation sequences
    • Option available for irrigation managers to use the applications algorithm driven energy efficient irrigation sequences aimed at lowering irrigation costs.

  • Direct interface with USB connected hardware decoder units for flow management
    • Application interfaces with USB based decoder output units that control the irrigation flow and timing sequences.

Benefits to Customer:

  • Modernization of a legacy app - original code was written a decade back.
  • Implementation of key enhancements at very competitive offshore costs.
  • Fully managed outsourced development, SPOC with the Project Manager
  • Constant interaction following an Agile approach
  • On time delivery

Perfect example of an outsourced legacy application modernization engagement delivered through a reliable partner.

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