Industry Vertical:



Android app for tablet based testing and capabilities demonstration of client's M2M/IOT data exchange platform

Target Audience:

Executives & Business Leaders in Energy and Manufacturing domains evaluating IOT driven automation


Java, Android SDK, REST Services, IOT Gateway, Android Studio, Genymotion

Expertise Delivered:

Android App Development, Maintenance & Enhancements

Engagement Mode:

Outsourced with SPOC - Offsite/Offshore

Team Size:


Client Overview:

California based M2M/IOT Data Exchange & Analytics Platform provider targeting Industry 4.0 adoption in Energy & Manufacturing domains

Business Need:

Develop an Android based tablet app used to showcase Client’s Internet Of Things based technology platform and to demonstrate the platform’s application toward solving a real world problem in the energy domain.

Key Features:

  • Remote monitoring & management of energy consumption
    • The app allows for facilities managers and administrators to be able to remotely monitor and manage their building's energy consumptions. A building could be a simple warehouse containing fans and electric lights or more complex installations such as powerhouse stationscontaining turbines and generator motors etc that consume high degree of power resulting in higher costs.

  • Interface with IOT gateways
    • The app talks to IOT gateways installed at various buildings and sites through which it is able to query and monitor all connected devices.

  • Energy Consumption Analytics
    • The app generates real time analytics through visual graphs and time-series analysis of energy consumed by devices. Managers get actionable insights into planning for future energy consumption.

Benefits to Customer:

  • Revamping of the existing UI into a more user-friendly and interactive UI.
  • Implementation of key functionality at very competitive offshore costs.
  • US based SPOC for project management and coordination. SPOC was always just a phone call away.
  • Releases always delivered on time with minimal fuss.

Perfect example of an outsourced product enhancement & maintenance engagement delivered in a reliable fashion.

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